cinemaPattaya has a few new and modern multiplex cinemas. Reservations can be made by telephone or on-line:

If you want to have more information about the cinemas in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand you can use the link.

How to get the best seat in the cinema.
The cinemas in Pattaya are all relatively new and state of the art, the seating layout is designed to ensure all seats have an optimum viewing experience. Some seats are better than others though, sit too close to the front of the cinema and you may be constantly turning your head to follow the action, sit at the end of the row and you won’t get the best stereo sound effects, same if you sit in the middle of the row, sit at the back and you don’t get the most of the big screen experience.

According to experts, the best place to sit in a cinema is about 2 thirds back from the screen, to get the best stereo sound effects you should sit slightly to the left or right of the center of the row.

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