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RCG(NH-overview) The Royal Cliff Garden Condominium, the InterContinental Pattaya Resort, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and the Royal Cliff Hotel are located on land on the South-Western slope of Navy Hill that once belonged to the Royal Family. In the 1970s the property was sold to the owners of the Royal Cliff Hotel who sold part of the land in the 1980s to the Sophonpanich family which was known, in particular, for its connections with Bangkok Bank. The Royal Cliff Development Company was formed and construction of the Condominium was carried out between 1988 and 1991.


introductie 032The condominium complex is located on a cape (Laem Bali Hai) at the South side of Pattaya Bay. The property of 17 rai, 84 square wah, (27,536 square mtr) includes 4 apartment towers with a total of 200 apartment units and occupies several terraces along a slope between the beach and Pattaya's only public park on Phra Tamnak hill. Many units offer a unique double view, to the west on the ocean and islands, and to the east on Phra Tamnak hill and Pattaya Bay. The Royal Cliff Garden has, as its name suggests, a large and beautifully landscaped tropical garden that covers several terraces from beach level to the road on Phra Tamnak hill. Royal Cliff Garden has almost everything you need within the premises, like 3 swimming pools, fish ponds, a waterfall and walking trails. It's also very safe for the kids. They don't need to go outside, for their and your safety there are guards around.

Royal Cliff Garden is a beautiful and quiet place with a lot of facilities. It is located not very far away from downtown Pattaya. Although only a short walk from the city center it offers an oasis of peace and tranquility.

rcg gatercg from navy hill

Royal Cliff Garden is situated in one of the most scenic and interesting parts of Pattaya. Pattaya City's only park is on Phra Tamnak hill next to the Royal Cliff Garden. The park has excellent walking and jogging trails that offer great city and ocean views. The various pagodas and temples on the hill are popular with Thais as well as tourists. The lighthouse and nearby boulevard are popular for relaxation and socializing around sunset. See the map to Royal Cliff Garden. The Sheraton Hotel and the Royal Cliff Beach Resort which operates the Peach Conference Centre are in the neighbourhood of the Royall Cliff Garden. Next to the Royal Cliff Resort is a cosy beach, probably Pattaya's best and most pleasant beach. Don't forget to look at the photos in the gallery.

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Area and surroundings

Until the 1960s Pattaya was little more than a small fishing village in the area of what is now Walking Street. Royal Cliff gets its name because the Thai Royal family had a large house on what is now the Condominium site and the Inter-Continental Hotel next door. All that remains is the stately avenue leading in from Kaopratumnak Hill and the Police Box at the end of this. Prior to 1970 the Royal Family spent a good deal of their time at Royal Cliff and His Majesty the King sailed from the Varuna Yacht Club. The King holds an Olympic medal for sailing.

During the Vietnam War the USA built and made use of Utapao Air Base near Rayong and now Pattaya Airport. American military personnel began to make use of Pattaya Beach as a place of recreation and a hospital was built in North Pattaya for Americans wounded in Vietnam. Pattaya became an R&R (Rest and Resuscitation) destination for American servicemen. It has since then developed into one of Thailand’s (and Asia’s) most popular holiday destinations. With improved road connections and the rapid growth of Bangkok Pattaya has also become a major weekend destination for Thais and expats from Bangkok. Industrial development of the Eastern Seaboard region has resulted in the arrival of a large numbers of expatriate staff of international companies. They often choose to live in Pattaya and international schools and other facilities have been established to cater for the needs of their families.

navy hillThe elevated Pratumnak Hill vicinity seems to be largely immune from the many changes taking place in the surrounding area. Religious shrines – including BIG BUDDHA - top both hills and much of the land is owned by the Thai Royal Navy and preserved in a pristine state.

“Navy hill”, the hilltop closest to the RCGC, offers a popular viewpoint with views over Pattaya Bay, a pagoda complex and a statue of a famous Admiral, Prince Jumborn (1880-1923), the father of the Royal Thai navy, who played a role in keeping the French out of Thailand in the early years of the twentieth century. The statue is situated on top of a cement structure in the shape of a ship.

“Buddha hill” to the South-East has a Chinese temple complex and the Buddha shrine on top.

buddha hill china tempel

In recent years the immediate vicinity of the RCG has seen rapid change: the old boat jetty just off the point where beach road and walking street meet was closed and the new Bali Hai jetty was opened in 2003. The main access road to the RCG ended in jungle just below the point where the helipad is now located. In 2004 this road was extended downhill and around the cape towards Bali Hai Plaza. The Lighthouse was built in 2006. Pratumnak Park was opened in 2006 and has since become very popular with joggers and for sports events. The large viewing balcony on Pratumnak hill that overlooks the bay was built in 2007, together with the enormous Pattaya City sign that lights up at night. The offices and parking for the Marine Police and Sea Rescue Service along the boulevard near the lighthouse were built 2006-2008. The parking space for speedboats along this boulevard was created in 2009.

peachThe Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) was opened at the end of 2008.

At the South-Eastern end of Buddha Hill is a multi-terraced “Stone Park” that is opened in 2010.

The Bali-Hai area is completely changed in 2017. The multi-story parking garage at Bali Hai Plaza and a marina are projects that are already realised.

There seems little doubt that rapid change will continue in the coming years. As Pattaya grows and the traffic becomes increasingly congested, new infrastructure projects will be vital for its economic development. There are plans for a monorail from the Dusit hotel along beach road to Bali Hai Plaza, for an elevated express way over Pattaya Tai road and 3rd Road to Bali Hai Plaza and probably for many other projects.

Phra Aphai Mani

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Phra Aphai Mani and his brother, Sisuwan, are Thai princes. Their father sent them away to study with the hope that they would gain knowledge to help them rule the country. Sisuwan learned to sword fight and Phra Aphai Mani learned to play a magical flute that could put people to sleep or kill them. When they returned home, their father was angered by what they had learned and drove them away.

One day while Aphai's companions were lulled to sleep by the sound of his pipe, a female ogress named Nang Phisua Samut, came and took Aphai away to her cave. She disguised herself as a beautiful maiden and Aphai fell in love with her. They lived together until she bore a son, Sinsamut. When Aphai found out that his wife was really an ogress, he fled with his son. He was assisted by a family of mermaids, a father, mother, and daughter. The father and mother were caught and eaten by the ogress. The mermaid daughter took Aphai and Sinsamut to Kokaew Phitsadan (Wonder Island) where a hermit saved them from the ogress. Aphai married the mermaid daughter and they had a son, named Sutsakhon.

One day, a ship, carrying King Silarat and Princess Suwwanmali of Phleuk, passed Wonder Island. The princess was engaged to marry Prince Usaren of Lanka. Aphai and Sinsamut asked to join the ship, but the ogress saw them and became very angry. Nang Phisua Samut attacked them and killed King Silarat. Aphai escaped to the shore, where he played his magic flute and killed the ogress. Afterwards, he met Prince Usaren, who was looking for his fiancée.

Meanwhile, Sinsamut swam with the princess to an island and met Sisuwan and his daughter, Arun Rasami. Together, they went in search of Phra Aphai. When they found Phra Aphai and Usaren, Princess Suwwanmali refused to leave with Usaren. The two parties fought and Prince Usaren fled to his homeland of Lanka.

Phra Aphai continued on to Phleuk where the queen asked him to rule the country. Angry at Phra Aphai for daring to give her up to Usaren, Princess Suwwanmali fled to become a nun. But later with the trick of a maid, Nang Wali, Suwanmali abandoned the nunhood to marry Phra Aphai. She bore him twin daughters named Soisuwan and Chantasuda.

Years later, Usaren and his father returned to attack Phleuk. The father was killed and Usaren died heart-broken. The throne of Lanka fell to his sister, Nang Laweng. The very beautiful Laweng decided to take revenge. She declared to all the princes in neighboring that whoever could kill King Aphai would have her and her kingdom. Nine armies moved to surround Phleuk. Aphai followed Laweng and eventually won her love, but the war continued until a hermit came and helped to stop the war between them.

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