Elephant village

elephant village1Pattaya Elephant Village takes pride in entertaining the tourists. Thronged by great number of tourists everyday, Elephant Village offers shows which hugely entertain the visitors. The elephant village is a favorite tourist spot for Thai and foreign guests alike. Elephant jungle rides are also available in the village.

Live Exhibitions
Live exhibitions held in the Elephant Village are hugely popular among the visitors. Elephants' forestry and football skills are showed in these exhibitions. A re-enactment of an elephant war parade is welcomed by the tourists with claps. It is also showed how wild elephants were captured in the north eastern part of Thailand. This way Elephant Village takes the form of edutainment. Elephants have long been the backbone of heavy work in Thai jungles.

The entertaining event includes detailed demonstrations of elephant capture; the daily life of elephants and their masters; pachyderms being trained, worked and fed; elephant riding and elephants being dressed for battle. There would be few such locations where you would see the gigantic beasts perform so many amusing acts. So remember not to miss this experience.

Well-trained elephants perform the acts which are seen by the people with fun. Huge elephants playing football is a hilarious scene. And to know that they are expert in forestry too makes the onlookers smile more. When they know that it is time for the jungle trek, they are more than enthusiastic to climb on the back of the elephants.

elephant village2Jungle Trek
Small jungle trek on the back of an experienced elephant is hugely liked by the tourists. It is an experience you should not miss. Can any place be better to see the jungle that the pachyderm's back. The tickets are very affordable. While on the trek, you would also get to taste Thai seasonal fruits.

Elephant Village is situated on Pornprapanimitr Road of Pattaya. You could take songathaews, the mini trucks, or the taxis for reaching the place.