Ko Lan island

ko lan1Ko Lan, only tourism worthy island near Pattaya, is the largest of a group of three islands, the other two being Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. Having some nice beaches and solicitude, Ko Lan is the favorite of the tourists who favour a peaceful vacation, miles away from the hustle and bustle.


Lovely beaches, clear water and abundant coral are the characteristics of Ko Lan group of Islands. Viewing lovely coral formations here would give you a lot of satisfaction. The best way of viewing these formations are small glass bottom boats. If you love sports like parasailing, snorkeling, jetskiing and waterskiing, you can avail all necessary equipments on the island.

Various firms on the island would arrange deep sea fishing expeditions on your request. One of the most pristine beaches in Ko Lan is Laem Thian to the southwest. Most of the boats carrying day trippers dock in the bay of Ta Waen beach which is located northern Ko Lan. Laem Thian Beach and Samae Beach are regarded as beautiful and interesting spots, particularly Laem Thian Beach which has remained exceptionally clean and peaceful.

Ko Phai Island
If you wish to travel to more tranquil beaches of Ko Phai (Bamboo Island) you can take another trip by boat. But keep in mind that you are not allowed to remain on Ko Phai at night. You have to finish your trip by the evening. Beaches of Ko Phai are nice for activities like sailing and swimming.

ko lan2Ko Sak Island
This island has two beaches, one on the north which is 250 meters in length, and another on the second part, which is some 80metres in length. A pathway connects the two beaches. The northern beach is used by the tourists to swim while the other is visited for coral viewing. Skin-diving is also a good activity here.

How to Reach
Ko Lan bein an island, only way to reach it from Pattaya is via ferry which takes around 40 minutes to complete the journey. Longtail speedboats would take you to Ko Lan Island just in 15 minutes. However, you would have to spend some more bahts to avail the speedboats in comparison with the normal ferries.

Ko Lan group of islands is located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand. It is 7.7km from Pattaya.

If you decide to pass your night in Pattaya you do have options. Best lodging here is a resort on the southern part of the island, near Nuan beach. Near Ta Pan beach, some nice bungalows are also located.